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Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (TOMPECS)

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On the Endurance of the d-Choices Garbage Collection Algorithm for Flash-Based SSDs

Garbage collection (GC) algorithms for flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) have a profound impact on its performance and many studies have focused... (more)

A New Framework for Evaluating Straggler Detection Mechanisms in MapReduce

Big Data systems (e.g., Google MapReduce, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark) rely increasingly on speculative execution to mask slow tasks, also known as... (more)

Packet Clustering Introduced by Routers: Modeling, Analysis, and Experiments

In this article, we investigate a router’s inherent variation on packet processing time and its effect on interpacket delay and packet clustering. We propose a simple pipeline model incorporating the inherent variation, and two metrics—one to measure packet clustering and one to quantify inherent variation. To isolate the effect of... (more)

Investigating Characteristics of Internet Paths

Interactive and multimedia applications depend on the stability of end-to-end paths for predictable performance and good quality of service. On the other hand, network providers depend on multiple paths to ensure fault tolerance and use load balancing between these paths to enhance the overall network throughput. In this study, we analyze path... (more)

Scheduling for Optimal File-Transfer Delay using Chunked Random Linear Network Coding Broadcast

We study the broadcast transmission of a single file to an arbitrary number of receivers using... (more)

Generalization of LRU Cache Replacement Policy with Applications to Video Streaming

Caching plays a crucial role in networking systems to reduce the load on the network and is commonly employed by content delivery networks (CDNs) to... (more)



ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems (ToMPECS) is a new ACM journal that publishes refereed articles on all aspects of the modeling, analysis, and performance evaluation of computing and communication systems.

The target areas for the application of these performance evaluation methodologies are broad, and include traditional areas such as computer networks, computer systems, storage systems, telecommunication networks, and Web-based systems, as well as new areas such as data centers, green computing/communications, energy grid networks, and on-line social networks.

Issues of the journal will be published on a quarterly basis, appearing both in print form and in the ACM Digital Library. 

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